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Join us as we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Babe Ruth's first home run!


MARCH 7-8, 2014


March 7 at 2:00pmRe-dedication of the “Babe Ruth” highway marker – Free event

The Fayetteville community will be re-dedicating the 1952 historic highway marker honoring Babe Ruth’s first home run as a paid professional baseball player.  Due to expected inclement weather, the re-dedication will take place upstairs at the Market House, in downtown Fayetteville. The Market House is located at the intersection of Gillespie, Person, Hay and Green Streets. The event begins at 2pm.

March 8 at 11:00amVintage Baseball Game – Free event

Catch Fayetteville Baseball Fever by attending two Vintage Base Ball games at Arnette Park.  Vintage Base Ball is baseball played by the rules and customs of the 19th century.  These games will follow the 1864 rules as adopted by the National Association of Base-ball Players, which are similar to today’s modern game. However, players will be dressed in the traditional uniforms of the past, and play barehanded using balls and bats meeting the 1864 requirements.  No gloves here folks! For more information about Vintage Base Ball visit the Vintage Base Ball Association’s website at  Arnette Park is located at 2165 Wilmington Hwy, Fayetteville, NC 28306. 




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