The Pavilion at Carvers Creek State Park


pavilionThe January edition of Carvers Creek State Park’s newsletter highlighted the history of one of the structures at the park. The article is reprinted here with permission.

The Pavilion at Carvers Creek state park is the only standing remains of a nineteenth-century sawmill in Cumberland County.

Black History Month In Fort Bragg and the Communities of Cumberland County


Black History Month, or National African American History Month, is an annual celebration of achievements by black Americans and a time for recognizing the central role of African Americans in U.S. history.

Throughout February, special arts, cultural and history events in Fort Bragg and the Communities of Cumberland County honor the contributions of African-Americans to the region, state and the nation. Here’s a snapshot of some events:



SHERMAN IN FAYETTEVILLE – (First Hand Account of General Sherman’s Occupation of Fayetteville in March 1865)


1855-Fayetteville-ArsenalSHERMAN IN FAYETTEVILLE   Undated Letter (c.1890-1900)

from    Miss Sarah Ann Tillinghast  (1837-1909)
to  Miss Mary Elizabeth Tillinghast  (1875-1976)

This blog entry is a line-by-line transcript of a letter Miss Sarah Ann Tillinghast wrote to Miss Mary Elizabeth Tillinghast.  The topic of the letter is life during General Sherman’s occupation of Fayetteville in March 1865.  Tillinghasts were a prominent family in Fayetteville in the Civil War Period.  The letter is provided by the Museum of the Cape Fear Historical Complex.

Marketing Cumberland County


The North Carolina General Assembly and the North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association endorse occupancy tax guidelines that state that two-thirds of occupancy tax collected should be used for tourism promotion.  Tourism promotion is defined as : “advertise or market an area, publish brochures and other materials, engage in research or other activities that attract tourists or business travelers to an area.”

Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving Day 2014


Looking to head out for your Thanksgiving dinner?  Here are a list of restaurants open on Thanksgiving.   For a list of all restaurants in Fort Bragg Communities of Cumberland County, head over to our restaurant database at: