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Fayetteville tapped as home for N.C. Veteran's Park

Work is slated to start  November ’09  on the first stage of the North Carolina Veterans Park . The 18.3-acre park will honor veterans from all services across the state. The first phase will have three sections, plus a visitors’ center and a 150-seat amphitheater.  The first section will honor life before joining the military, the second honors time in the service, and a final section celebrates life after the service.   

Planned design components include small pools and fountains, trees and soil from around the state and a a long wall that grows taller from one end to the other, representing the mountains to the coast.  The park is being designed so it has a different look from day to night and season to season.Schematics for entire project.
Schematics for phase  One.Construction starts fall ’09  Freedom Trail, which will connect the new park with Freedom Memorial Park. Freedom Trail includes a landscaped promenade, with a broad sidewalk and streetlights and trees.  City officials are planning a grand opening July 4, 2011.