USO All American Challenge

Festival Park
(910) 223-1089
10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

The USO of NC Fort Bragg, in partnership with the Downtown Alliance, presents the USO All American Challenge. This event will bring participants to Downtown Fayetteville for a morning of fun and exploration of many landmarks and local businesses. Teams will arrive and check in at the Festival Park rally point and head toward their challenge locations with swag-bags filled with items from downtown businesses and sponsors. The bags will also be used to collect items throughout the challenge. A cell phone app will lead teams through Downtown Fayetteville, and each team member will be required to complete a challenge at a specific location in order to earn points for the finish. The Challenge will wrap up at the Transportation and Local History Museum for an awards ceremony and a light lunch. Refer to the event website for more details.

Event Admission: $30 per Person

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