The state-of-the-art Crown Coliseum opened in October 1997, and has continued to set success records! This versatile facility hosts world-class concerts and performances, an ice floor for hockey and ice shows and a wide variety of configurations for assemblies and exhibitions.



  • Seating Capacity - 10,000 center stage; 11,200 end of stage concerts/basketball; 10,100 banquet style; 7,000 half-house
  • Exhibit Area - 20,000 square foot exhibit floor, One hundred 8 x 10 booth locations.
  • Stage - Portable 60' x 100', adjacent to elephant door loading and backstage area.
  • Electrical - road show: 120/208 volts at two locations. Lighting: 800 Amps. Sound: 800 Amps at each show power room location.
  • Load-In - Trucks drive onto coliseum floor area. Two docks at the north end oft he arena level and two docks on the west side for kitchen access.
  • Parking - 4,375 lighted parking spaces. Space for nine tractor-trailer vehicles on the north side. Power, water and waste disposal available.
  • Rigging - Roof structure carries 120,000 lbs. of rigging load plus weight of the scoreboard, speakers, catwalks and lighting, etc.
  • Spotlights - House lights: mixture of metal halide and dimmer controlled quartz. Panel lights and hot restart lights: quartz. Sports performance lights: metal halide, pre-aimed and programmed for various performances with single button control per event.
  • Sound System - Center hung sound system which is serviceable from the catwalk. Conduit, raceway and junction boxes provided for sound system. Hospitality meeting room equipped with sound system.
  • Dressing Rooms - Four team dressing rooms. Two "star" rooms. One green room. One hockey team locker room.
  • Box Office - Main ticket office at north end, satellite ticket offices on west and east sides.

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