Fishing Education Center to Open at Lake Rim in 2006

December 2005

FAYETTEVILLE–  The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has announced plans for a state-of-the-art fishing education center at the Cumberland County Park at Lake Rim in Cumberland County. The center, named the John E. Pechmann Fishing Education Center, is slated for completion in the summer of 2006.

Located just off Lake Rim Road in western Cumberland County, the center will teach anglers of all ages and abilities about fishing and ecology in a natural setting. The center will include a 4,800-sq. ft. building with a classroom and exhibit hall, a handicapped-accessible fishing structure and deck near the water, an educational pavilion and more than six acres of ponds teeming with a variety of popular gamefishes.

Programs will teach anglers about North Carolina’s aquatic resources. Some classes  will teach fundamental fishing skills, and others will cover advanced topics such as fly-tying and fly fishing. Most programs will be free.

‘We will tailor the programs to appeal to a broad range of anglers, from those who have never picked up a rod and reel to others that have fished their entire lives,” said Kristopher Smith, a fishing education and outreach coordinator for the North Carolina Wildlife Commission. “While many of these programs will be geared toward kids, we will continue to work cooperatively with Cumberland County Parks and Recreation to offer clinics that involve the entire family.”

The Wildlife Commission and Cumberland County Parks and Recreation co-hosted many events over the last several years. Once the center is completed, both agencies will plan and conduct a variety of events year round. These events will offer the public opportunities to catch largemouth bass, channel catfish and sunfishes.

“By  constructing this new building and handicapped-accessible structure, as well as creating more interactive fishing programs and events, the Wildlife Commission hopes to cultivate citizen interest and long-term participating in fishing,” says Smith.

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