Ready to Review at a Moment's Notice. Promoting the Communities of Cumberland County takes a talented unit of patriots ready to showcase America's Hometown.

Being on the ready, we are prepared to provide intel on the FACVB - its structure and formation. We are also proud to be ready to review our program, our products and our results.

What the FACVB Can Do!

  • What is a Brand?

    Effective communication begins and ends with strategy and positioning. To do so we must understand and define your brand’s core values - its personality, its reason for being...its soul if you will. We cannot create a brand. The brand already exists fully formed in the personalities and vision of its creators, partners and customers. All we can do is translate a brand’s true identity in engaging and relevant ways to change or reinforce consumers’ perceptions.

    Brand is Dead, Bond Lives

    Today, the bond a company creates with its customers and prospects is an asset that ensures the long-term profitable relationship your brand desires.

    A brand cannot be all things to all people, but it can mean a lot to someone. The customer’s prevailing attitudes factor into the formation of your brand and brand message.

    A strong brand has an insightful understanding of its character. But first, you must scrutinize your brand from every possible perspective.

    Core Values

    Identifying core values is a straightforward process. Using words such as playful, safe, serious, trustworthy, etc., the values your company stands for factor into the brand’s personality.

    Brand Personality

    Buying decisions are rarely made on a purely logical level. If that were the case, product attributes would be the sole reason one brand or company gets selected over another. Brand personality plays a considerable role in a company’s survival.


    With core values and personality understood, positioning helps carve out a space in customers’ and prospects’ minds that defines the brand, as well as its relevance to the competition.

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    The Website Content & Style Guide was created to help ensure all edits and updates to stay consistent.

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