Melody Oval

There is no doubt in my mind that there is something special about greater Fayetteville.

One incident solidified this native upstate New Yorker’s impression of this community. It happened years ago when my girls were toddlers. My husband had both girls in his truck, taking them grocery shopping early one morning. At a stoplight, his old truck died, and I mean really died. This was back when we shared a cell phone and, of course, I had it with me.

As soon it was apparent my husband was trying to push the car off the road, two cars stopped. Two young men helped him quickly push the car off the road into a gas station parking lot. One let him use his phone to call me and stayed until they were sure someone was on the way. This was nearly 20 years ago and I remember the incident vividly.

Although my husband and I are not military, having moved here for his civil service job, we appreciate living in a military community. The way neighbors help neighbors out and look after each other is incredible. There is a sense of lifting each other and supporting each other.

In my position with the CVB, I get to share this special place with others. Behind many attractions, breweries, restaurants, or stores is a unique tale. I am the lucky person who gets to share our community’s collective story with writers who in turn, share these experiences with others. 

Melody Foote