Developed to give visitors and locals information on the wonderful things to see and do in the greater Fayetteville area of North Carolina. Here you will find frequent blog posts on places to shop, museums to explore, festivals to attend, outdoor adventures to plan and much more. We welcome your ideas on attractions or events to feature in future stories!
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Jenny Bell

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Are you needing to shop for last-minute gifts for friends or family? If you're like me, you've procrastinated, but still want to buy meaningful gifts for folks while supporting local. Here's a list of 15+ unique things…

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Fayetteville NC

No matter what type of meeting is in the works, the Fayetteville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau (FACVB) has one mission: to help planners safely execute the perfect event. Planners will find the area affordable, easily accessible, diverse, and brimming with Southern hospitality.Here are the top 10 reasons to choose Fayetteville for a winning event:…

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A Tasty Tour of 40+ Eateries in Cumberland County

Our active-duty service members and veterans have served all around the world, and their travels and experiences abroad have influenced our community. Nowhere is that more evident than on the plate. We’re packed with restaurants that serve more than a burger and fries—much more, in fact. Fayetteville’s a city with an international flair, and our restaurant selection looks like the United Nations’ lunchroom. With over 30 countries represented in our eateries here, you'll be able to take your pick between Vietnamese or Thai, Jamaican or Cuban, German or Italian, Egyptian or Greekcuisine, to name a few options. And, of course, since we are in the South, we have many Soul Food, barbecue, and Southern eateries to satisfy those downhome cravings. Since the earliest days of our city, we’ve welcomed folks from abroad with open arms, and that always means sharing a meal or two. The restaurants, breweries, bakeries, and other eateries in and around America's Hometown show our deep connection to the outside world and the authentic flavors of home, wherever home might have been. So come take a tasty tour of 40+ eateries in Cumberland County with me…

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Featured in Fay: Myron Jones

If anyone is a true native son of Fayetteville, it’d be Myron, aka Mr. Fayetteville. The running joke in our office at the Fayetteville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau is, if Myron isn’t related to someone here, he…

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Featured in Fay: Chris Kenon

If you met Christina “Chris” Kenon today, you wouldn’t even guess she once never considered herself to be an athlete, let alone a triathlete. At her heaviest, as an adult, she weighed 240 pounds. When she began dating…

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