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80's Prom Murder Mystery in the Garden

  • Overview

    We present to you the murder mystery: Totally Rad 80's Prom Gone WILD. Dress in your 1980's prom best!

    Here is the timeline:

    Guest arrival. Prom officially starts at 5 PM. At this time you can mingle, drink, dance, and shop local artisan vendors. Food trucks will be on site.

    Prom court is introduced at 6:30 PM. You certainly won't want to be late. Arriving late may result in missing out on the key artifacts and evidence pertaining to this mystery. You certainly don't want to miss the juicy gossip.

    Murder at 7 PM. Poor Bobby Backer, the class jock, didn't stand a chance.

    The murder suspect will be announced at 8:30 PM. There will be a costume contest at the end of the night.

    Here's the plot:

    With their high school career coming to an end, the students of Shermer High find themselves battling it out over grades, popularity, affection, class rankings, and what they all have been focused on for years... Who will be awarded the prom king and queen title? Will it be the class president who is looking to extend his reign past the student council? The pom-pom captain who has used her moves to land more than the prom court nomination? Or possibly the baseball star who will stop at nothing to get ahead?

    The Garden is excited to work with the Gilbert Theater which provided actors/actresses for this murder mystery event. Thank you to our sponsors First Citizens Bank and Gill Security Systems, Inc.

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