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Comedy & Cocktails with Dougie Almeida, Chris Wilson and Jacob Nolan

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    From 7:30-8 PM, the preshow FUN begins with Open Mic Comedy and/or our Wacky Kilted Games! Then sit back and be prepared to LAUGH out LOUD with our showcase of nationally touring comedians Dougie Almeida, Chris Wilson, and Jacob Nolan!

    Headliner: Dougie Almeida

    Dougie, hailing from Queens, New York, spent most of his adult life as a corporate presenter for one of the largest financial planning firms in the country. His specialty was taking lifeless insurance presentations and transforming them into works of comic art. In his spare time, he fought as an ISKA Heavyweight Muay Thai Kick boxer, retiring at 10-0 and earning the title “Always Dangerous.” So, what do you get when you cross an inventive corporate executive with a retired kickboxer? A stand-up comedian, of course! Winner of Improv’s New Faces of Comedy & participant in Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, Gilda’s Laugh Fest, SLO Comedy Festival, Laugh Your Asheville Comedy Festival, and Boston Comedy Festival. Semi-Finalist in Cleveland Comedy Festival 2013, Laughlin Laughfest 2014 & Finalist in World Series of Comedy Main Event 2015. Recently, Dougie appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on the segment “Wall of America.” Prior to taking the stage, Dougie gauges his audience, reaches into his vault, and prepares his onslaught of humor. Once on stage, he delivers blow after blow of hilarity, hitting the audience with punch line after punch line. His wit and stage presence is second to none. One thing is always certain – Dougie Almeida will KNOCK YOU OUT! Dougie is Always Funny, Always Professional, and, yes, Always Dangerous.

    Feature 1: Chris Wilson

    Chris is a stand-up comedian based out of Greenville, South Carolina. He has been doing comedy since 2021. He has cerebral palsy and will gladly joke about it if given the opportunity. He did a show one time, and did some jokes about cerebral palsy. He met a girl afterward that also had cerebral palsy, except hers was much worse. He felt bad, as he didn't want to offend her. His goal is to make people laugh, not hurt someone's feelings. She loved his jokes. it's better to be laughed with than laughed at. That's what he believe. she had the best time. Chris thinks it made her day to hear comedy that can be relatable. He's not the cleanest comedian, but he guarantees he will make you laugh. He believes that laughter is a good thing and it should be shared more. He can, however, be on his best behavior if need be.

    Feature 2: Jacob Noland

    Jacob is an up-and-coming comic from Greenville, South Carolina. Jacob is coming up on his one-year anniversary of doing comedy. Even though he is fairly new to the comedy scene, he's advanced at a very fast rate. His relaxed and casual stage presence and delivery make it seem like he's been doing comedy for years. Jacob has a very raw and honest sense of humor. He might be called abrasive, but you'll be laughing too hard to get offended. If Jacob does one thing, he speaks his mind. If you get easily offended, then you will be offended. He talks about the things you think about but nobody has the courage to say. But he does. He's honest and brutal, and he's not afraid to let you know it. You'll know when Jacob takes the stage. You certainly will remember him. He believes you can talk about anything as long as it's funny. He's the dark horse of comedy. Jacob has done comedy all over South Carolina, and he's even branched out to New York.

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