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Comedy Night Live

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    Join us for LAUGHS with national comedians Jesse Jones and Lew Mortgante!

    Headliner Jesse Jones has been doing standup comedy, improvisational, and sketch comedy for the last ten years. His high energy style and honest storytelling allow crowds to connect with him on a personal level whether they want to or not. He has been seen on MTV, Laughs on Fox, the 3V network series "Fitness Fail" and reviewed by the New York Times for his work with No Tea Productions. He can currently be seen and heard weekly on the Bourbon Showdown Show on Itunes, Spotify, and Youtube.

    Featuring Lew Morgante has been performing stand-up comedy since 2011 his comedy can be described as self-deprecating, confessional storytelling with a dash of angry rants. He was the co-host of the long-running Comedy Bingo Show at the Dead Crow Comedy Room. He has toured, performed, hosted, and headlined various venues including several charity and corporate events. Lew enjoys sharing laughter with others to spread joy.

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