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Ethan Hanson LIVE

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    Raeford, NC native and a multi-faceted singer/songwriter offering feel-good grooves and meaningful and socially conscious lyrics. Ethan’s music draws from many genres and styles. Pop, R&B, rock, blues, jazz, and Latin music are all part of his repertoire. Influenced by artists such as Eric Clapton and James Taylor, he is an authentic singer-songwriter. With just a guitar and his expressive and moving voice, he has the power to motivate and inspire. Ethan’s songs aren’t your typical boy meets girl songs. He likes to delve into emotions and prefers to write “socially conscious” music, music that allows the listener to meditate and dig into life’s deeper issues. “What inspires my music is everyday life,” says Ethan. “Music allows you to express your feelings in ways that talking or thinking can’t.” One of the reasons he plays is because he’s witnessed the positive effects of music and its ability to bring people together.

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