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Guy Unger Band LIVE

  • Overview

    The Guy Unger Band (GUB) is an all AMERICAN rock band that puts the feeling of music that moves you back in your bones—covering all the bases that drive you during the day and light up your nights. Not just another band at the bar, the Guy Unger Band knows how to put the rock back in your face. This is the group everyone wants to see, and the show you won’t forget. The GUB does not short-change the job when it’s time to meet the criteria. This monster band is fueled by seasoned musicians and instructors who strive for excellence — honing razor-sharp and passionate musicianship. Humble and proud, GUB started like most fans, appreciating the talent and work endured performing the hits the world has grown to love and are a part of our lives. You want Zeppelin; you want Pink Floyd, STP, Eagles, Journey, you’ve got them. They are guaranteed to blow your mind. After picking your jaw up off the floor, you may find yourself having the time of your life laughing and singing along all night.

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