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Hydryver LIVE!

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    There have been a ton of talented and passionate musical acts in and around North Carolina over the years. Some incredible times have been had, and some really cool, talented musicians have carved their way. Hydryver is made up of a little bit of all of that. With three different lead vocalists from three different former bands, sweet low-end bass guitar groove from another well-known former group, and tasty guitar riffs from another well-known area veteran. Dustin Day knew or knew of them all and sent a line to them on a whim one afternoon in March of 2021. Shortly after, Hydryver was born. With smooth 3-part harmonies from Dustin Day, Cameron Mills, and Brice Witter. Solid deep-pocket bass and drum back end from Jason Vannoy and Cameron Mills, all stitched together with sultry lead guitar melodies from Kostantinos "Gus" Vasilopoulos, gives this band an all-around energetic and eclectic musical experience with a little bit of something for every ear. These professionals, who became brothers with years of combined experience and a true passion for playing, are a breath of life back into the North Carolina live music scene, and they're just getting started.

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