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In A Critical Condition: The Fight to Save Lives at the Battle of Bentonville - Virtual Event

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    The Museum of the Cape Fear is hosting Colby Lipscomb, Education Coordinator at Bentonville Battlefield, to provide a lecture that will highlight the importance of medical treatment at the battle of Bentonville during the American Civil War.

    “I was conscious that I was in a critical condition, and thought of my dear ones at home, thankful that I still had a fighting chance for life,” 1st Lieutenant Marcus Bates described awaking in the Harper House field hospital during the Battle of Bentonville in March 1865. Occurring near the end of the war, medical treatment at Bentonville represents the culmination of the four-year struggle to save as many lives as possible in the aftermath of severe and deadly Civil War battles.

    Highlighting witnesses to the battle and their experiences as surgeons and patients, we will discuss the intense fight to save lives during the battle of Bentonville.

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