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Kyng Bea LIVE

  • Overview

    Kyng Bea is a multi-talented R&B artist based out of Raeford, North Carolina. With a background in piano from the age of three, Kyng’s true passion for music was sparked around the young age of twelve when he began taking piano more seriously. Around the age of 18, he began singing while watching the album recording process of distant family while visiting New York. Following the praise he received for his help on the project, he began to shift his focus to vocal work and piano. His sound is within the vein of R&B while showcasing an electronic Pop twist that is new and refreshing. With music having always had a profound impact on his life, he views it as a means of expression and a way to convey his deep internal world in an external way. He has likened his work to the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt; his songs are able to provide the imagery of his personal journey and of his Lumbee/Tuscarora Native American and African heritages. He hopes that his work will gain a special place in the hearts of his listeners and become a companion to growth and inspiration.

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