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Mo' Folk Band LIVE

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    Mo’ Folk is the vision of making music that spans all genres and unites people brought to life. They are an eclectic band of artists with different tastes who share the same love for music. If you have ever attended a Mo’ Folk show, you know they are not your typical four-piece band. Not only do they pack venues, but they also fill the stage with seven powerhouse talents. Bringing back the nostalgia of live music are veteran musicians Joey Miller, Adrian Warwick, Steven “Cash” Cashwell, Joel Highsmith, Jon Nowiski, and newcomers Stevie Faye and Altina “Lady Angel” Anderson. They charm the crowd with covers like Fleetwood Mac's Dreams, Bob Marley’s Could You Be Loved, and originals such as Juice Ain't Worth the Squeeze and Devil Won't Do. A Mo’ Folk show has something for everyone. Jon's bass line gets you grooving; Joey's energy keeps you dancing; Joel's drum and Cash's guitar solos captivate audiences. And the vocals of Adrian, Stevie, and Angel move the soul. No matter your reasons for coming to the show, you are sure to leave saying, "Give me Mo’ Folk."

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