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The Dogwoods Band LIVE

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    The Dogwoods Band is one of those bands that just had to happen. The few months they have been together does not tell the story of the many years they have been a part of the music scene in Rocky Mount, NC. These Four Rocky Mount fellas; (Jordan Powell, Brian Mull, Olsen Bunn, Robert Davis) cut their teeth separately in various local bands, regional acts, and solo gigs from Rocky Mount, NC, to Nashville, TN, all the way down to Atlanta, GA. Jordan (guitar, vocals) fronts the band center stage, a walking jukebox full of crowd-pleasing hits. He has the voice of an angel, sporting a jet black mullet and the stage presence liken to a wild bobcat waiting to pounce. Brian (bass guitar, vocals), the fan favorite, keeps the crowd dancing with low-end grooves and cheery banter. Raised by his parents on banjo music and harmony perfection, he’s the proverbial rudder of the band. Olsen (drums, vocals) brings a bit of local music royalty to the table as the son of Speakeasy guitarist Gerald Bunn. Olsen beats the drums into submission night after night and engages with the crowd like a veteran frontman of old. Rob Davis (lead guitar, vocals) returns after a 10-year hiatus in Music city. The Guitar is behind his head, a sequin jacket on his back, and the blues in his veins; he remains a showman and a great lead guitarist. These guys have locked arms in talent and vision to bring the band we have been waiting for to the local area. Simply, they are a rock and roll band here to help this great city have a good time!

    They are The Dogwoods Band.

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