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The Steady Hand Band LIVE

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    Founded in 2019 the group has already been through its fair share of adversity. The former bass player and drummer perished in a freak cyber show accident. Full details are still pending with the investigation ongoing. Band leader, Mike Rejent, didn’t want to let the dream die too though. He knew Josh and Alex would want him to go on. In 2021 Mike completed his new super lineup by adding Nick Hursey on drums and Hendrik on bass guitar. “I’ve been waiting on this call for a long time,” Drummer Nick Hursey says. “Mike’s someone I’ve looked up to a long time in the music scene here, so to finally be able to play with him is a dream come true”. Nick has quickly become a fan favorite over his first couple of shows. Swooning the locals and tearing through the drums, he is one local act you don’t want to miss. “Hendrik is pretty cool,” says pretty much everyone. And it’s true. What a guy. A seasoned bass player was a much-needed pick-up for Mike’s next rendition of Steady Hands and Hendrik fit the bill. Just a chill and mysterious dude who’s been said to disappear and reappear in thin air. We couldn’t find him for this interview but were assured he exists. If that wasn’t enough to get out to see these guys, then let me tell you about Mike Rejent. Yeah, you know him. All-star guitar player and silky-smooth vocalist. When his cool tunes hit your ears, you’re going to get goosebumps down your spine. So, get ready for that. Do you like guitar solos? He will do that too as he commands the stage while also making lighthearted jokes with the audience. When he’s not working on being a jazzer you can come find him jumping around the stage with Steady Hand. There you have it, the ultimate recipe for a good night with best buds or a fun date. Come see these three brothers play your favorite hits from the 90s and early 2000s. Do you like Nirvana, Third Eye Blind, or Foo Fighters? If so, you’ll love Steady Hand because that’s the songs you are going to hear! Some come on out, it won’t last forever.

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