For decades, the Eastover area was known as Flea Hill, a name derived from the ample presence of fleas in the vicinity of the local church building located near Flea Hill Branch.  This designation has existed since the late 1700s, and appears officially on an 1822 map showing Flea Hill Branch, a small creek located close to the present day Eastover Community Center.  

Although undocumented, a book published in 1856 relates to an incident occurring prior to the American Revolution which refers to Flea Hill Creek and Flea Hill Swamp. The 1830 U.S. Census list Flea Hill as a Census District.  Flea Hill was later designated as a township, and remained so until 1929 when the state legislature changed the name to Eastover Township.  The Town of Eastover was incorporated in July, 2007. 

Eastover is a place where community spirit is a part of everyday life…..where people proudly remember their heritage, live with a genuine concern for their neighbors, and unite purposefully to create for the future.  Our relaxing rural setting consists of roads dotted with green pastures, farmland, and small neighborhoods.  The commercial district along Dunn Road, between Beard Road and Rock Hill Road, consists of mostly locally owned establishments providing convenient goods and services for our residents, with friendliness and a smile.  Eastover, “Remembering our Heritage and Creating our Future”.

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