Godwin Rhodes Pond


Godwin was charted in 1905 and was named for Issac William Godwin, the area’s first settler. In 1878, Godwin persuaded Wilmington & Weldon Railroad to build a station near his home. For years, the train station was the community’s tie to the outside world.  Around the time of WWII, the depot was torn down.  According to the 2017 census, the town of Godwin has a population of 145 and  covers land of .5 miles. 

Godwin Presbyterian Church was organized in May 1904 as an offshoot of the Old Bluff Church in Wade, North Carolina. It developed from a Sabbath School (Sunday School) that had begun in 1889. The first church structure had a seating capacity of 200 and was used for 30 years before it burned in 1934. While a new building was constructed, the Presbyterian congregation was invited by the Godwin Baptist church to share their facility. The new facility was completed in 1937. The Godwin Presbyterian Church holds an annual homecoming each October. 

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