Linden is in the northern part of Cumberland County near where the Cape Fear River and Little River meet. The original land for the town was part of a grant issued to Gilbert Patterson by King George II in 1744. 

The area of present-day Linden was settled in 1800. The railroad was built at the same time. Because of the railroad, DL McBryde, noted “founder of Linden” envisioned residential and commercial growth from the area. He began to subdivide and sell lots.  Evidence suggests hat the opening of the Little River Academy in 1880 was key to founding of the town. The rise in public education led to a decline in private academies, and the academy closed.  

In 1896, the settlement around Sardis Presbyterian Church got a post office. The name “linden” was given to the post office. The name came from a grove of nearby trees and later assumed by the town. The Linden tree is not native to the area. Historical accounts claim that seeds were brought from New Orleans during the 1790s.  Sadly, there are lo Linden trees in the area any longer.  

Today, Linden has a population of 130 residents. 

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