Steadman is a small bedroom community in eastern North Carolina, with approximately 1400 people. Founded early in the 19th century, Stedman is located about 10 miles east of Fayetteville on Highway 24 in Cumberland County.  

Originally known as Blockersville, the Town was named for the family of John C. Blocker.  The name was shortened to Blockers when the stagecoach station and a post office were constructed, and remained the same until the Cape Fear and Yadkin Valley Railroad was built from Fayetteville to Wilmington. 

Foresighted citizens of the small settlement obtained a railroad station by donating the right-of-way.  David and Kelly Sessoms provided land for the station, which was built by local residents.  Nathan A. Stedman was instrumental in locating the railroad in the community and the Town was re-named in his honor.  

In 1913, the town was incorporated by an act of the North Carolina Legislature, which provided for corporate limits of the town one-mile square.  It further provided that “no spirituous vinous or malt liquors shall be manufactured or sold within the corporate limits of said town.”  As of this date, it is still not allowed.

2013 was a year of celebration for the Town, as it turned 100 on February 20th!  The Town hosted a two-day Centennial Celebration to honor this special time and published a History Book of Stedman to commemorate our history.

Stedman hosts a “Party in the Park” annually in May, a 4th of July celebration on the last Sunday in June and a “Farmer’s Day” celebration in the Fall.

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