The Town of Wade was settled around the Wilmington & Weldon Railroad and was named for N.G. Wade.  Mr. Wade was a local businessman who sold cross ties to the railroad.  The Town was originally charted in 1869; however this charter was later abandoned. 

Wade was again chartered on March 8, 1913.  This charter called for the election of a Mayor and three Commissioners.  The dimensions described for the Town in the 1913 charter made Wade exactly 1 mile square.  Following the ratification of this charter until 1936 the Town progressed with the establishment of a post office, jail, drugstore, street lights and other businesses.  

There are no records of Town conducted business after 1936 until 1967 when work began by citizens to reactivate the 1913 charter.  On May 6, 1968 the first election for this era in Town government was held with the election of a Mayor and three Commissioners

As of 2017 the population of the Town is approximately 600.  As you can see the Town of Wade has faced adversity and yet accomplished many great things since it was chartered in 1913.           

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