Trip Ideas was developed to give visitors and locals information on the wonderful things to see and do in the greater Fayetteville area of North Carolina. Here you will find frequent blog posts on places to shop, museums to explore, festivals to attend, outdoor adventures to plan and much more. The Fayetteville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau manages the site and welcomes your ideas on attractions or events to feature in future stories.

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Veterans Day Weekend: 30 Ways to Celebrate

veterans day fayetteville

John "Mr. E" Thompson, featured in the video below, is a United States Marine Corps veteran who calls the Fayetteville area home. He is also a talented craftsman and artist. He has also served as president of Rolling Thunder®, Inc. Chapter 1 NC, helping people to never forget our POW/MIA service members. Mr. E is the Fayetteville I know and have grown to love so much.

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Best Burgers

best burgers

As we close out May (National Hamburger Month) and head into the summer, I think it’s time to take our visitors on a tour of Cumberland County’s burger joints. Sure, you can find several popular burger chains here, but do you know where our mom-and-pop grills are? Better yet, do you know who our locals claim makes the best burger here? I recently took an informal poll of my coworkers and Go Fayetteville’s followers. A total of 50 people voted for their favorite burger joints, and I’m here to spill all their secrets on this meaty topic.

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Tour Ideas

tour ideas

The Fayetteville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau (FACVB) recently hosted a group of eight bloggers/influencers from SoFluential for the SoFay17 Tour, highlighting some of the best of Fayetteville to these visitors. In one day here, this group of women hit 10 attractions, restaurants, and shops. Whether you are looking for tour ideas for yourself or your guests, this group’s itinerary is a splendid example of how to spend an exciting day in Fayetteville.

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Spring Lake, Part I

things to do spring lake

My first home in North Carolina was in the Town of Spring Lake, and this community has held a special place in my heart ever since. The sleepy little town I drove into 15 years ago has grown so much that it’s barely recognizable now. You’ll find the heart of Spring Lake at the busy intersection of NC 24-87 and NC-210, and this town is also conveniently accessible to I-95 travelers, thanks to the recently constructed I-295. Long known for being a gateway community to Fort Bragg, Spring Lake now offers folks plenty of other reasons to visit. In the Spring Lake Visitors Guide, you may peruse a comprehensive list of all the recreation, dining, history, accommodations, and more to be found here. I’m excited to highlight just a few of my favorites and let other folks’ reviews tell you about the best of this growing community.


Spring Lake, Part II

things to do spring lake

I'm bragging on everything Spring Lake has to offer on the blog this week! If you read Part I of my "go-to guide," you learned about some local faves where you can play hard and chow down. As this community continues to grow, we're seeing more of a variety of cuisine and outdoor recreation sites pop up in this part of Cumberland County. Whether you're a golfer who loves authentic Thai, a kayaker who needs a caffeine fix, or a skeet shooter who appreciates smoky 'cue, I have a few suggestions for how to find your brand of fun and good eats in Spring Lake, North Carolina.


Hope Mills Things to Do

Just one of several thriving communities in Cumberland County is the Town of Hope Mills. As this municipality has grown over the years, it’s somehow managed to keep that American small-town charm I love so much. Some exciting new attractions are popping up in that area this year, and I'm discovering more and more events to put on the calendar (not to mention good eats). We’re talking an Easter celebration in the park, a new farmer’s market and festival at a brewery, and a southern buffet to beat all. Come join the locals in savoring springtime in Hope Mills!


Places to Fish

places to fish

Out of all the Cultural Heritage Trails developed by the Fayetteville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau (FACVB), the Fish & Game Trail is the most popular. Why? Because it provides our visitors with a handy guide and map that will lead you straight to 30 fishing holes. Cumberland County definitely has its fair share of bodies of water, perfect for spending those lazy summer days on, and I'm highlighting just a few of the popular ones. What if you're not the fishing type but still enjoy great seafood? Even though Fayetteville is inland, we still have options here. I'm dishing on two outstanding seafood restaurants that keep our locals coming back for more.

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Shop, Eat, Play

shop eat play

When planning a day out shopping, I search for places where I can shop, eat and play with family or friends. As Cumberland County continues to expand and build, we’re seeing more shopping centers pop up everywhere, but two of Fayetteville’s mainstays consistently bring me back. Westwood Shopping Center, conveniently situated across from Cross Creek Mall, offers shoppers 60+ stores where families may choose from an array of restaurants, retail shops and indoor recreation. Located near Downtown Fayetteville, the Historic Haymount District is one of the city’s most charming areas, and the perfect place to plan a date or a girl’s day out. Here’s a small sample of where our visitors can shop, eat and play at each of these fantastic destinations.

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Several of my coworkers travel for work on a regular basis, and one of their biggest complaints when doing so is how stress and lack of sleep lead to exhausting travel experiences. What I’ve discovered about Fayetteville, though, is that we have health-and-wellness havens here that offer our travelers some surprising ways to rejuvenate their bodies. I’ve recently spent quite a bit of time experiencing first-hand everything from a yoga-beer class to a juice bar to floatation therapy. Every road-weary traveler who visits our area should know exactly how and where to rejuvenate themselves in Fayetteville.