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Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church

  • Overview

    Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church was founded in 1860. The late Burton, Adeline and Katie Moore Jones provided the land for this church. Mount Olive was once located behind its present location, 118 Johnson Street, Fayetteville, NC. The original structure was wood and shutters covered the windows. Since the early church was without electricity, one of the members brought his personal oil lamp so that the evening services could be conducted. Mount Olive consisted of many families who were instrumental in supporting the church. These families were: the Longs, McKoys, Dudleys, Butlers, Willeys, Georges, Baldwins, Montagues, Smiths, Harts, Wells, Maynors, Evans, Youngs, Carvers, McPhersons, Buxtons, Durdens, and Jones’s. Communion Sundays were well attended. There was only one Communion glass, therefore, the minister always drank first and then the congregation was served from the same glass. It was customary that one penny would be paid by each member of the congregation on Communion Sundays. This was known as the Poor’s Collection. The community was often reminded that it was time to come to worship or there was something important that they needed to know by the ringing of a farm bell. The bell was positioned between two oak trees in the front yard of the church. Brother Joe Rogers Williams helped ring this bell.
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