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My Heavenly Sweets

  • Overview

    My Heavenly Sweets is an artisan dessert sole owner and wholesale distribution company that was founded in 2006 in Orlando, Florida, by Lily and Jose F. Rodriguez. Now our headquarters has been located in Fayetteville, North Carolina, since 2014. Our vision is to produce the best homestyle desserts using only the finest ingredients. My Heavenly Sweets introduce a large variety of sweets with a unique traditional Caribbean flare, the scrumptious and well-known Custards (Flan) in several modes, including cheese, coconut, pumpkin, coffee, vanilla, cheese with almonds, guava, and cookies and cream. The mouthwatering cheesecakes are ready-made from the original recipe, chocolate, coconut, and guava. The delectable Three Milks (Tres Leches) are made in the original way, coconut, and chocolate. Another unique recipe option is the Flancake (Flancocho) (half flan and half cake) that can be mixed in several combinations, such as flan and vanilla or chocolate cake. And lastly, a dessert known as Sweet Earth (Tierrita) contains Bavarian cream, chocolate cookies, and cream cheese. It is important to include the pastry too! Our mission promotes the recognition and admiration for the excellent quality of our desserts and efficiency in the services.
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