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Rou Long Ma School of Chinese Martial Arts

  • Overview

    We are a Jia or family based system commonly found throughout China. These "folk schools" are typically less regimented operating around more of a family concept. We teach what is classified as traditional Chinese martial art(CMA), we do not focus on simply one aspect of our art, but aim for well rounded students. CMA has a long history not only of fighting skill, but as performance art as well. In addition, early in it's Chinese history, martial arts was viewed as having a purpose above that of simple self defense, or fighting. One of the first mentions of this is in the Daoist writing s of Zhuangzi and Liezi in China. It is particularly noteworthy that this account clearly spells out the idea that practice of the martial arts can lead to an elevated state of mind where perfection of skill creates perfect mental focus, and does it centuries before the invention of Chan Buddhism (that practiced at the famous Shaolin monastery), in fact before Buddhism even reached China.
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