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Stop 13: Galatia Presbyterian Church

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    Galatia Presbyterian Church is located in the Seventy-First community, a community named by Scottish immigrants to honor the 71st Regiment of the Scottish Highlanders. In Scotland they fought a war of rebellion against the British in the 1700s, but were defeated at the Battle of the Culloden Moor in 1746. After their lands were confiscated in Scotland, their clan chiefs executed, and their kilts and bagpipes outlawed, many of the Highland Scots emigrated to North America and settled in the Sandhills of North Carolina. These early rural residents worshiped in brush arbors until 1825, when a structure was built and Galatia Presbyterian Church was organized. It was not uncommon for early Presbyterian ministers to preach the same sermon twice on Sundays, in Gaelic and then in English. The adjacent cemetery is where many families of early Scottish settlers are buried. This church still holds regular services.

    Hours: Exterior View or By Appointment Only. Sunday services; Please call ahead.

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