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Sweet Valley Ranch

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    Spring Valley Ranch

    The following animals are raised at Sweet Valley Ranch: Quarter Horses, Spotted Saddle Horses, Draft Horses, Miniature Horses, Ponies, Miniature Ponies, Donkeys, Miniature Donkeys, Llamas, Angus Cows, Brahma Bull, Water Buffalo, HighPark Cattle, Highland Cattle, Patagonians, Pot Belly Pigs, Zebra, Zedonks, Zebu, Camel, Miniature Longhorn, Macaws, four different species of Ducks, Fainting Goats, six different species of Chickens, Turkeys, Peacocks, Guineas, six different species of Fancy Pigeons, Lionhead Rabbits, Netherland Dwarf rabbits, Burmese Star Tortoise, Great Pyrenees, and Miniature Australian Shepherds. Sweet Valley Ranch is one of a few breeders in North Carolina of the highly sought-after Savanna Goat.

    See our detailed map here.

    The farm contains over 350 animals that originate from five different continents.

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