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Twelve Lions Performance

  • Overview

    Strength Program: Teach lifting technique to prevent injury, Develop/Increase functional strength, Develop/Increase power production, Gain muscle mass/size, Improve flexibility and mobility, and Increase core strength. Velosity Program: Learn and develop proper biomechanics for throwing in order to (1) help prevent throwing-related injuries and (2) increase throwing velocity, Develop/Increase functional strength for throwing, Develop/Improve aerobic conditioning for throwing, and Increase Core strength. Speed and Agility Program: Learn and develop proper biomechanics for running/sprinting, Increase overall speed & agility, Improve acceleration and 1st step quickness, Improve reaction speed, change of direction speed, and Increase conditioning for sports. General Fitness Program: This is a general fitness class for ages 16 and up. Monthly membership for group class aimed at developing functional strength and aerobic conditioning, improving body composition, and increasing flexibility and mobility. Combine Training: Learn and develop proper biomechanics for all sports combines and/or tryout testing. Develop the necessary skill, strength, and power to perform well in tests
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