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Fayetteville, NC Out of the Box        
 - Traveling Adventures of a Farm Girl, March 2020  
20 Free Virtual Museum Tours       
 - Drug Store Divas, March 2020
Staying and Dining in Fayetteville, NC        
 - Traveling Adventures of a Farm Girl, March 2020  
Top Table Tennis Players in the United States to Compete in Fayetteville June 5-7       
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Social Events Done Right. 6 Tips for Planning a Reunion Anyone Would Want to Attend 
- Convention South, February 2020 
All American Dream Invitational Bringing Gymnasts to Fayetteville
- Sports Destination Management, February 2020 


Things to Do in Fayetteville, NC
- The Traveling Fool, December 2019


Dude, I got Three Cows: Creating a Farmers Market in North Carolina
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The Haymount District: A Place for Traditions New & Old 
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Places to Eat and Drink in Fayetteville, NC
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Christmas in Fayetteville and Winter Fun, Too 
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Things to Do in Fayetteville - Patriotic and Otherwise 
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Learn About Legendary Feats Through History 
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Fayetteville Announces Success with Top Gun 
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What to Eat at the Crown Complex During a Marksmen Game 
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Harry Potter, Star Wars & Godzilla Heading to 2019 Fayetteville (NC) ComicCon
- On Open Suitcase, September 2019


Stay in Fayetteville and Make Every Mile Count
- I-95 Exit Guide, August 2019


Unfortgettable Summer Attractions That Wont Break the Bank 
-VisitNC, July 2019

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